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North London Breast Screening Programme
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The publications below are available to download in PDF format. To read them you will need Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader already installed on your PC, you can download a free copy here. adobe image

Easy read guide

Easy Read Guide

A picture leaflet for women with a learning disability about breast screening and where to get more information.

Please click on the image on the right to download the leaflet as a PDF document.    
breast leaflet

Breast Leaflet

A simple guide to you and your breasts, including a 5 point code to breast awareness.

Please click on the title below to download the leaflet as a PDF document.

Breast leaflet in English english.gif
Breast leaflet in Albanian albanian.gif
Breast leaflet in Arabic arabic.gif
Breast leaflet in Hindi hindi.gif
Breast leaflet in Punjabi Punjabi.gif
Breast leaflet in Somali Somali.gif
Breast leaflet in Sylhetti
Breast leaflet in Turkish Turkish.gif
Breast leaflet in Urdu Urdu.gif

Step-by-Step Guide

step by step guide

Understand what's involved in having a breast x-ray (mammogram).

Download the guide (multilingual)

About Breast Screening

What is a Mammography

Breast Screening (Mammography) is an x-ray examination of the breasts and is a method of finding breast cancer at a very early stage.

Learn more about screening

Where We Screen

Where do we screen

We screen at various convenient places across North London.

Find out where we screen

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